The Spectacularly Sparkly Disney Illuminations Show


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A Night-time Spectacular You’ll Never Forget

Gaze in awe at Sleeping Beauty Castle as Mickey leads you through a

dazzling display of classic and new Disney stories.


As if by magic, the parapets and turrets of Sleeping Beauty Castle appear to move as mind-blowing special effects

bring the wonder of Disney to life before your very eyes. Prepare to hold your breath and ‘ahhhh’ when fireworks fizz

through the night’s sky, showering their clusters of colours over Sleeping Beauty Castle. Flames and water work in

perfect harmony to wow your senses with unexpected excellence. Lasers slice through the mesmerising mist.

And all this time, Mickey is having a blast, leading you on a journey through impressive projections

of famous Disney tales, old and new.



A Stunning Celebration of Classic and New Disney Stories

With Mickey by your side, you’ll be amazed by the celebrated Disney stories bringing a special sparkle to the skies

above Disneyland Park. Shiver with excitement when Queen Elsa introduces a flurry of Frozen fun, live a tale as old

as time with the new Beauty and the Beast, let out your proudest Lion King roar, and for the first time ever, see Star

WarsPirates of the Caribbean and The Little Mermaid in all their glory on Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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